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The 13 best things to do in Valencia

Spain’s third city, this genial and authentic town boasts plety of big attractions, from Calatrava's gleaming City of Arts and Sciences to a seductive Old Town still ringer by ancient walls, and loads of fun things to do. Valencia might not be as shiny and "look-at-me" as Barcelona, or as fast and furious as the capital of Madrid, but it more than holds its own against its rivals. There are the beaches (among the best in the Mediterranean), the fantastically fiery festival of Les Falles and, as you’d expect from a region known as "Spain’s orchard," a food scene that will blow you away. In sum, Valencia’s got it all going on—while still remaining deliciously under the radar. Done something on this list and loved it? Share it with the hashtag #TimeOutDoList and tag @TimeOutEverywhere. Find out more about how Time Out selects the very best things to do all over the world.