Can you handle this new rollercoaster built on top of a mountain?

Thrill-seeker or hill-seeker? Either way, we think you’ll love this terrifying roller coaster built 7,000ft above sea level.

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Noah Barnett
Defiance rollercoaster, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Rendering courtesy Glenwood Caverns

Colorado is full of big mountains and even bigger thrills. But only the biggest daredevils should seek out the new rollercoaster called Defiance. Opening in 2022, and literally built on top of a mountain, the new coaster is set to debut next year atop the Iron Mountain in Glenwood Springs, with panoramic views of the Colorado River and beyond.

Named after the prospectors and miners that inhabited the area, who, according to park officials, 'defied the elements, norms and laws of civilization,' Defiance will break a record as the highest looping roller coaster in the US at 7,160 feet above sea level. 

The coaster is being built as part of the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, and riders can only get access via a gondola that takes the daring few from the base of the car park to the top of the mountain. Once you reach the summit, passengers will be suspended for some moments to take in the breathtaking view before dropping more than 100 feet. 

If that initial drop isn't enough to convince you that Defiance is a terrifying thrill-ride, there are more stomach-wrenching maneuvers that will make you regret your breakfast, including: a 102.3-degree freefall (the steepest in the Western US), a 98-foot twisted top hat switch, a 111-foot banana roll, and a 41-foot Zero-G heartline-roll. You'll reach a maximum speed of 56 mph for a total of 56 intense seconds. Oh, and did we mention that in lieu of standard over-the-shoulder restraints, a lap bar is the only thing keeping passengers in the cart? Scary. 

So, if you’re still tempted to experience Defiance after reading this, then all we can say is... good luck. 

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