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Cartagena, Colombia
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Colombia’s new digital nomad visa looks VERY tempting

Earn more than $684 per month? You could live in South America for up to two years

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

Over the past couple of years, loads of people have realised that they don’t actually need to work in an office. Even as much of life has returned to normal after the pandemic, remote working has remained popular. And that’s also led to an increase in countries offering so-called ‘digital nomad’ visas, which are designed to attract remote workers to live and work abroad.

The latest country to offer a digital nomad visa is Colombia and, excitingly, it might be much more affordable than similar schemes around the world. Often digital nomad visas are reserved for high earners, but to qualify for Colombia’s digital nomad scheme you’ll only have to be earning $684 (£567) per month.

Sure, it’s not a really low amount, but it’s much less than the comparative scheme in Costa Rica, which requires nomads to be earning a whopping $3,000 (£2,500) per month. Importantly, the Colombian threshold is also well below the average wage in countries like the UK and USA.

If you want to live and work in Colombia, currently you can only do so for 90 days – though this can also be renewed for further 90 days. The new scheme will extend digital nomad visas for up to two years, provided you meet certain criteria. As for the rest of the requirements, you’ll need a valid passport, health insurance and a letter from your employer to prove employment.

All of which sounds pretty simple, right? Just think: you could be going about your daily life in some of the world’s best cities (third-best, in fact, when it comes to Medellín), grooving it out to some of the incredible nightlife and tucking in to some globally-renowned nosh in no time at all.

Colombia’s new digital nomad scheme comes into action on October 22. While you can’t apply yet, we’ll keep you posted when more details are released.

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