This Icelandic hotel is giving away a month-long holiday – with one snag

Hotel Ranga’s ‘Northern Lights capturer’ will receive free room, board and flights in return for photographs of the aurora

Rosie Hewitson
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Rosie Hewitson
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Northern Lights in Norway
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It might be a fairly spenny holiday destination – but with its spectacular hot springs, dramatic fjords and dazzling auroras, a trip to Iceland should definitely be on your bucket list. And if you happen to be handy with a camera, you might be able to get it crossed off without spending a penny, thanks to this cracking job opportunity from Hotel Ranga, a 50-bedroom resort facing out on to the East Ranga River. 

Around 60 miles south-east of Reykjavíkin a location totally free from light pollution, the four-star hotel is the perfect place to view the aurora borealis. Now it is seeking a ‘Northern Lights capturer’ to document the breathtaking natural light show.

Over the course of a whole month, the chosen photographer will be given access to the Ranga Observatory, whose retractable roof offers amazing views of the Milky Way. They will then be tasked with capturing the lights as they appear in the night sky.

And in exchange for their beautiful images and videos? The successful applicant will receive free flights to and from the destination and accommodation in one of the rooms at the hotel, whose facilities also include hot tubs, a well-stocked bar and a riverside restaurant serving local produce.

Already searching for your memory cards and packing up your lenses? Professional photographers with plenty of experience and a strong social media presence are encouraged to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime gig via the hotel’s website. Sounds pretty jammy to us.

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