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Frontier airlines
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Revealed: the most loved (and hated) airlines in the world

Based on the number of positive and negative mentions on social media, these are the world’s most and least favoured carriers

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

If you’re anything like us, it doesn’t take much for an airline to get in your good books. On-time flights, decent food, a bit of legroom. None of which is too much to ask, right? But likewise, it doesn’t take a lot for an airline to get on our nerves, either. Delayed (or cancelled) flights, uncomfy seats – this is the kind of stuff that really grinds travellers’ gears.

But which airlines are the most loved and hated in the world? To find out, currency exchange company S Money has analysed everyone’s fave way of complaining: Twitter. By scanning tweets from countries around the world, it came out with each nation’s – and the world’s  favourite and least favourite airlines.

Of all the airlines in the world, the most loved was Canada’s Bearskin Airlines. An impressive 53 percent of tweets about the airline were apparently positive, which, while not seeming so high, is actually pretty good going. Also high in the ‘loved’ rankings were Pacific Coastal Airlines, another Canadian carrier, and Portuguese regional airline TAP Express.

Down the other end of the league table, the world’s most hated airline was Go First in India. Tweets about Go First were apparently 74 percent negative, which is, erm, very crummy indeed. Also ranking low were Australia’s Jetstar Airways and, interestingly, TAP Air Portugal – the parent airline of the above-adored TAP Express. Who can explain that, eh?

Here are the ten most loved airlines in the world, according to S Money’s study.  

  1. Bearskin Airlines (Canada)
  2. Pacific Coastal Airlines (Canada)
  3. TAP Express (Portugal)
  4. Canadian North (Canada)
  5. Auric Air (Tanzania)
  6. Fiji Airways (Fiji)
  7. Tropic Air (Belize)
  8. Manta Air (Maldives)
  9. Airkenya Express (Kenya)
  10. Proflight Zambia (Zambia)

And here are the report’s ten most hated airlines.

  1. Go First (India)
  2. TAP Air (Portugal)
  3. Jetstar Airways (Australia)
  4. WestJet (Canada)
  5. Flair Airlines (Canada)
  6. Vueling (Spain)
  7. Air Transat (Canada)
  8. Spirit Airlines (USA)
  9. Frontier Airlines (USA)
  10. SpiceJet (India)

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can read the full study – including the most loved and hated airlines for each individual country – here.

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