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Temperatures may break 40C in parts of western Europe this week

Areas of central and southern Spain are likely to be worst affected

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Get this. Temperatures in some areas of Europe this week could hit a scorching 40C. That’s right. In May. Pretty crazy stuff, right?

Even for holidaying, beach-going or just generally chilling out, I’m sure we can all agree that 40C is far, far too hot. The increased temperatures are set to be caused by airflow from the south, and while it might not be quite that hot everywhere, it’ll still be pretty damn toasty. Much of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy are likely to see temperatures reach the mid 30Cs, which is about 10C hotter than usual for this time of year.  

On top of that, heat can also generate thunderstorms, so watch out for those, too. Temperatures are likely to increase each day right through until Sunday evening, and according to The Guardian, the areas most likely to see the big four-zero are in central and southern Spain.

Europe isn’t the only area of the world bearing the brunt of adverse weather patterns so far in 2022. Parts of India and Pakistan have been enduring a heatwave since March, while eastern Australia has been hampered by flooding.

You can view a heat map for areas of France, Spain and Portugal potentially affected by the heatwave over the next few days here.

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