The strangest thing to come out of lockdown: priests with water pistols

The religious leaders have found an innovative way to use holy water while social distancing

Ellie Walker-Arnott

There have been some, shall we say, unusual side effects of the world being in lockdown. Like goats running rampage in abandoned towns, people doing aerobics on their front steps, and, er, priests squirting holy water at their congregations out of plastic water pistols. 

While people around the world have been social distancing and staying home, places of worship have been closed. But that hasn’t stopped some priests finding a creative way to continue to bless their flock. 

Father Timothy Pelc, a priest in Detroit was snapped shooting holy water into worshipper’s car windows, while others have been photographed performing socially-distanced baptisms with a toy water pistol as an important prop.

Here are a few of the best: 

Happy Friday!

Have you seen these weird and creative ways people are social distancing around the world right now? 

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