These are officially the most popular honeymoon destinations for 2022

A new report from Expedia has revealed where all the many, many newlyweds are going this summer

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Ed Cunningham
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As anyone hitting a certain point in life (we’re largely talking your late 20s and early 30s) will already know, 2022 is the year of weddings. After two-and-a-bit years of backlogs, the number of people looking to tie the knot is frankly ridiculous.

But where are all these newly married couples heading on honeymoons? Well, travel firm Expedia has carried out a survey to find out. The company polled 1,500 couples to gauge where most post-nuptial trips are happening this year.

And top of the 2022 honeymoon rankings is… the UK! That’s right, no amount of airport chaos can disguise the fact that the UK is actually a rather romantic place. The most common honeymoon among those surveyed was a multi-city trip exploring various English and Scottish towns and cities by train.

Next on Expedia’s list was Dubai, largely because of its combo of urban luxury and sun, sea and sand, while Paris, the classic city of romance, came in at number three.

On top of all that, Expedia’s survey found out some other interesting stuff about post-pandemic honeymooning. For example, apparently 83 percent of those surveyed planned on having multiple honeymoons, while 53 percent intended to make theirs a ‘mega-moon’ and spend much more money than they initially intended. And who can blame ‘em? If they’ve waited this long, they may as well make it count.

Below are the ten most popular honeymoon locations for 2022, according to Expedia’s survey:

1. Multiple cities by train, UK

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Paris, France

4. Florida, USA

5. Los Angeles, USA

6. Madrid to Seville, Spain

7. Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Italy

8. St Lucia

9. Iceland

10. Maldives

Keen to find out more? You can read Expedia’s survey results in full here.

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