These are the world's best destinations for geeks

According to the TripSavvy's Editors' Choice Awards, these are the best places to visit to geek out

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On some level, pretty much everyone’s a geek. Whether its space travel, postage stamps, Marvel comics or military history, geeking out is sort of just about being interested in cool or niche stuff – being a ‘geek’ can mean being a dedicated fan of nearly anything at all. 

If you’re a loud and proud geek and you’re on the hunt for your next trip destination, we might have just the thing to help out. This year’s TripSavvy's Editors' Choice Awards has revealed a list of 40 of the best geeky places in the world, ranking destinations based on stuff like data, user reviews and editorial preferences. 

Within the ‘geek’ theme, 40 winners were selected – and of those a whopping 11 received a full five-star rating. 

The five-star estabs varied massively, ranging from the Arab Postal Stamps Museum in Doha and Tokyo’s Samurai Museum to Oklahoma’s Science Museum, San Diego’s Comic-Con Museum and the International Center of Photography in New York.

All of which are relatively conventionally geeky abodes, right? But TripSavvy’s ranking also included some less predictable stuff. Rio de Janeiro’s Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, a gallery, cinema and theatre, also made the cut; so did interactive science museum Le Vaisseau in Strasbourg and Milan’s characterful Libreria Bocca bookstore.

The remaining 11 choices were made up of three American institutions: automobile museum the Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar, USA), vintage aircraft museum CAF SoCal in Camarillo and New Mexico’s antique toy wonderland Tinkertown Museum.

You can check out TripSavvy’s full selection of destinations here – and get dreaming of some shamelessly geeky getaways. 

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