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Ice cream cones
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This 31-stop Ice Cream Trail is the sweetest thing to do this summer

Get your licks in on this epic, sugar-filled trek through Pennsylvania

Morgan Olsen
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Morgan Olsen

Ice cream fanatics, listen up. You're going to want to add Pennsylvania to your summer travel bucket list, if only to traverse the state's famed Ice Cream Trail. The delicious tradition, which is now in its fourth year, maps out some of the state's most impressive scoop shops and creameries so you can get your licks in – again and again.

The Pursue Your Scoops Ice Cream Trail is divided into three geographical regions: There's the Western Trail, the South Central Trail and the Eastern Trail, all of which offer a roster of must-visit local shops that range from dairy farms and creameries to old-fashioned ice cream parlors.

The largest of the three routes is the South Central Trail with 12 ice cream destinations that serve milkshakes, cones, floats, sundaes, affogatos and so much more. The Western Trail stands out for its variety, with stops at the super scientific Penn State Berkey Creamery and Widnoon Soft Serve, which is known for its ice cream nachos. The Eastern Trail is nothing to scoff at either – travelers can play miniature golf at Freddy Hill Farm or choose from more than 50 flavors at Manning Farm Dairy (heck, why not do both?).

As first reported by Travel + Leisure, the delicious Pursue Your Scoops Ice Cream Trail's mission is twofold: In addition to filling your belly with frosty treats, the state hopes to educate the public on its No. 1 industry and showcase the importance of local farms.

That's pretty sweet.

Psst! This map highlights the most popular ice cream flavor in every state. Does your hometown's pick check out?

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