This ‘business class’ campervan is all your remote-working dreams come true

Never mind working from home – this decked-out camper lets you work from a home office on wheels

Ellie Walker-Arnott

Offices might be tentatively reopening around the world right now, but if you’ve got your sights firmly set on securing a more flexible way of working in your future, this campervan is here to make that transition a smooth one. 

Glamper RV’s new Business Line camper is both a swanky home office and the means to work whenever and from wherever you choose. The UK-based RV company have launched the new camper to allow people to work – including ‘travel to meetings while avoiding hotels, restaurants and additional shared facilities’ – and play ‘on post lockdown weekends away or adventurous touring holidays.’

Glamper RV
Photograph: Glamper RV

It comes complete with roomy desk, USB charging points, plug sockets, a coffee machine and that all-important mobile wifi, so you can Zoom into a work call from a hillside in the Lake District or a vineyard in France

It can also sleep up to four people, so you can hit the road with some friends once you’ve clocked off. No need to pop on that OOO, because this office goes wherever you do.

Find out more or hire one of the campervans here

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