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Salto de Castro, Spain
Photograph: Balles2601 / Wikimedia Commons

This entire abandoned Spanish village is up for sale for €260,000

Salto de Castro in Zamora province has 44 houses, an inn and a church – and costs less than a London flat

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

House prices in plenty of the world’s biggest cities are pretty extortionate at the mo. Last year the average price of a flat in London, for example, cost a whopping £550,000 – which is, by any measure, loopily spenny.  

That’s so expensive, in fact, that in Spain you could afford to buy an entire village for far, far less cash. Salto de Castro, a village in the country’s north west, has gone up for sale for just €260,000 (£227,000, $267,000).

And for that money, you get a heck of a lot of stuff. The village features 44 houses, a bar, an inn, a church, a school, a public swimming pool and even an old barracks – all in a village with stunningly picturesque surroundings. In Zamora province (near the Portugal border), Salto de Castro sits on a hilltop looking out over the Arribes del Duero natural park.

So how did an entire village come to be up for sale? Well, Salto de Castro was built in the 1950s by an electricity generation company to house families of workers at the nearby reservoir. It was then abandoned in the 1980s and bought by a businessperson in the 2000s, who had the intention of turning the village into a tourist spot.

These days Salto de Castro is a bit derelict and vandalised, but it’s certainly got the potential to be turned into a proper tourist destination. Needless to say, if you plan on doing up the village, you’ll need much more than the initial €260,000.

Does owning your own entire Spanish village tickle your fancy? If it does, you can find out more about Salto de Castro and make an offer on its property listing here.

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