Time Out Market Barcelona opens tomorrow – here are 8 reasons to visit

Time Out Market Barcelona will open its doors at 12pm on July 5, and we hope you’re hungry

María José Gómez
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María José Gómez
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Time Out Market Barcelona
Foto: Marina Quer Time Out Market Barcelona

At midday tomorrow (July 5, 2024), Barcelona will gain a new landmark, and it will make history. We don’t say that lightly: Time Out Market Barcelona is the largest permanent space dedicated to dining in the city. The upper floor of the Maremagnum will host a gastronomic and cultural market of over 5,000 square metres, bringing together a plethora of culinary offerings – from the best tapas in the city to dishes by Michelin-starred chefs – to make quite literally the best dining experience in the city.

Not convinced yet? Here are eight reasons to get yourself to Barcelona as soon as you possibly can. 

1. It’s (actually) the best of the best

At the Market, we don’t have just one spectacular restaurant. We have 14! And all have been selected by the editorial team at Time Out Barcelona, the same team that has been recommending the best places to eat and drink in the city for the past 16 years. Oh, and each of those restaurants has chosen its top dishes to offer at the market. That’s why our motto is the best of the city under one roof. Get it? It’s the best of the best.

Cinc Sentits
Foto: Cinc SentitsCinc Sentits

2. You can choose your own adventure

Why should you miss out on a dish by a Michelin-starred chef if your companion fancies sausage and beans? Why should you forgo devouring a good grilled steak after starting with a seafood appetiser? Why can’t you begin with an authentic Mexican taco and continue with a pizza? At the Market, every food combo is possible. Both for what you fancy and for the people you’re with. Grandma can get a burger from La Real, the kids can have makis from Monster Sushi, and your aunt can enjoy croquettes from Bar Nuri… all while sitting together at the same table.

3. Booze is serious business here

The drinks selection at Time Out Market is not messing around. There are four bars – two of them outdoors – ready to quench your thirst with whatever you fancy in the moment: beer, wine, soft drinks, cava and some seriously good cocktails. After all, the Market features a branch of Paradiso, one of the best cocktail bars in the world, located on a spectacular terrace. Off the booze and fancy a coffee? Grab one from Café de Indias, specialists since 1850.

Paradiso Time Out Market
Foto: Grup La ConfiteríaParadiso Time Out Market

4. There are no rules

Flexibility is at the heart of the Market. The tables are communal, so you can share them with whoever you’re with, even if everyone orders from a different kitchen. Another great thing? You don’t need to book ahead. With over a thousand seats available, finding a spot should be really easy. But hey, if you do prefer your dinner traditional, with a reserved table and a waiter serving you? No problem: Casa Amàlia will sort you incredible food with impeccable service.

5. Food is served until late

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a restaurant to find you’re too late (or too early) to order food. Thankfully that doesn’t happen at the Market: in fact, there’s nowhere else in the city offering more for longer. All the kitchens operate from 10am until midnight, 364 days a year (only closed on December 25, which is fair enough). And if you fancy a few drinks a bit later (you will), don’t worry: the folks at Paradiso are open until 1am.

La Real Hamburguesería
Foto: La Real HamburgueseríaLa Real Hamburguesería

6. You can take it home

The Market isn’t just an exceptional place to eat; you can also fill your boots with deli bits and goodies to take home. At Colmado Múrria, you can buy charcuterie, cheeses, smoked goods, champagne, wines, and other gourmet products that have made the original one of the city’s iconic shops. And if you have a sweet tooth, grab – or indulge right there – some of the delightful creations from Bubó, an internationally renowned creative patisserie.

7. It’s not just food 

Come to Time Out Market Barcelona to eat and drink because everything is delicious, but stay for everything else on offer: we’re talking about drag shows, DJ sessions, small concerts, and children’s activities on weekends, to name a few. Oh, and we have a podcast recording studio. We won’t give it away, but some surprises will be coming very soon. 

Time Out Market Barcelona
Foto: Time Out BarcelonaTime Out Market Barcelona

8. The city’s best viewpoint

We mentioned earlier that at the Market, you don’t have to miss out on anything. Didn’t we? Well, we weren’t lying. Time Out Market Barcelona is a place where FOMO simply doesn’t exist, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. Honestly, it’s one of Barcelona’s best viewpoints. Show up, feast to your heart’s content, grab a few drinks and enjoy the sunset. It’s going to be great.

Hungry for more? Find answers to all of your burning questions over on our Time Out Market Barcelona FAQs page

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