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Overnight sleeper train in Europe
Photograph: Shutterstock

Four reasons why your next trip should be a sleeper-train adventure

Here’s why we’re so excited about Europe’s night train revival

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

They’re big, they’re long, they’re fast – and they’re 2022’s hugest travel craze. That’s right, sleeper trains are back, baby: from Romania in the east to Paris in the west, Europe is currently in the swing of a full-blown renaissance, with new night-train routes linking cities across the continent and plenty more planned for the next few years.

But it’s not just a fad. In case you needed any more persuading, below are four reasons why your next vacay should be a sleeper train extravaganza.

They’re greener

Trains are, on the whole, much better for the planet than both planes and cars: for short-haul trips, trains emit on average six times less emissions per person, per mile than planes.

They’re comfier

You can bunk up in a seat, but shell out a little bit more and you’ll get lie-flat beds, private cabins and swanky nosh – all for much, much less than first-class seats on most aeroplanes. Just bring earplugs if you’re a light sleeper, and a set of travel toiletries so you’re ready to freshen up for an early start when the train pulls in.

They’re more direct 

Most sleeper routes run from one city centre to another. Once you’ve factored in the extra faff of out-of-town airports and taxis, for many short-haul routes the train isn’t much slower than flying.

They’re cheaper than ever

Sleeper tickets are the cheapest they’ve been in years, and should get even more wallet-friendly as new routes launch. And instead of spending money on another night of accommodation, you can snooze on the journey and wake up refreshed and ready for a day of exploring.

And another one: a new sleeper train route will soon link up Amsterdam and the south of France.

Plus: Barcelona is slashing public transport prices to fight the cost of living crisis.

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