You could be fined for wearing these clothing items in Spain this summer

Those wanting to wear a bikini, swimming shorts or even football shirts in certain public areas could face hefty fines

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Liv Kelly
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Magaluf, Mallorca, Spain: Three women walking along beach promenade
Wearing a bikini when not on the beach is prohibited in certain areas | Photograph: Shutterstock

The summer of sport is officially underway thanks to the Euros kicking off at the weekend, and though many fans aren’t journeying to the ten German cities hosting the tournament, plenty are heading to sunnier destinations to enjoy the matches. 

But those headed to Spain, listen up. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a warning about certain items of clothing (or rather, a lack of) which, if worn out and about, can incur a hefty fine. 

The safety and security page of the website reads: ‘In some parts of Spain it’s illegal to be in the street wearing only a bikini or swimming shorts. Being bare-chested is also illegal in some areas in Spain. You could be fined if you’re caught wearing swimwear on the seafront promenade or adjacent streets.’ And according to One Sure Insurance, that fine can be up to £500 (€592).

What’s more, while most areas will be relaxed about clothing, apparently some areas of the Balearic island of Majorca will likely be stricter on football shirts and novelty wear to promote a ‘more respectful environment’.

This isn’t the first time popular areas in Spain have announced restrictions to ensure busy destinations remain pleasant for everyone. Last month, Majorca and Ibiza reiterated their laws about drinking in public areas, which if ignored can lead up to a whopping €3,000 fine. 

But don’t let a few reasonable, pretty minor restrictions deter you – Majorca is spectacularly beautiful, and there’s a host of brilliant things to do and explore

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