UEFA Euro 2024: All the matches, dates and locations you need to know

It’s kick-off time – here’s everything you need to know to plan for European football’s biggest tournament

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Frankfurt Arena
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If longer days, music festivals and the Olympics weren’t enough to get you excited for the summer, that might all change on Friday (June 14), as the Euros are about to kick off. 24 European national football teams will be competing through various stages to win that coveted trophy, and three-time championship winners Germany are hosting the tournament this year, for the second time. 

10 cities up and down the country will be involved in hosting the Euros, so we thought we’d bring you a bit of info about each of them that isn’t just stadium capacity or decent pubs (although that’s, obvs, super important info). So, here’s a roundup of everything you need to know about the Euros host cities for the 2024 tournament. 


Germany’s pulsing capital city is perhaps best known for its nightlife – it’s Europe’s capital for clubbing, after all – but Berlin is a hub of history and culture that’s well worth a gander if you’re here for any matches. There are some excellent art galleries, parks and plenty of museums, exhibitions and monuments dedicated to World War II. 

Matches (at Olympiastadion Berlin)

  • June 15: Spain vs Croatia 
  • June 21: Poland vs Austria
  • June 25: Netherlands vs Austria
  • June 29: Round of 16 – 2A vs 2B
  • July 6: Quarter final
  • July 14: Final

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Berlin, Germany
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Known in Germany as Köln, this city is centred around a magnificent, UNESCO-protected Cathedral, which is one of the oldest pilgrimage sites in Europe and the most-visited tourist attraction in Germany. But Cologne is also home to everything from a techno club in a scrapyard to a museum dedicated to chocolate, and a gorgeous botanical garden, too. 

Matches (at Cologne Stadium)

  • June 15: Hungary vs Switzerland
  • June 19: Scotland vs Switzerland
  • June 22: Belgium vs Romania
  • June 25: England vs Slovenia
  • June 30: Round of 16 – 1B vs 3A/D/E/F

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Dortmund is the third-largest city in North-Rhine Westphalia and is characterised by its football team and beer culture – there’s even a Brewery Museum. The place also has a rich industrial history, and was formerly the industrial heart of Germany, but about half of the city’s municipal territory is now green space. 

Matches (at BVB Stadion Dortmund)

  • June 15: Italy vs Albania
  • June 18: Türkiye vs Georgia
  • June 22: Türkiye vs Portugal
  • June 25: France vs Poland 
  • June 29: Round of 16 – 1A vs 2C
  • July 10: Semi-final


Düsseldorf has morphed from a collection of villages into a vast hub of art and culture over the last hundred years or so. It’s now Germany’s fashion capital and is home to some innovative art galleries – the Philara Collection is a great place to start. Make sure to sample some Killepitsch (a locally made berry liqueur) while you’re there, too!

Matches (at Düsseldorf Arena)

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All roads lead to Frankfurt – literally – and though you might think of a finance hub characterised by towering skyrise buildings, the city plays host to a charming café culture, leading museums and even a historic neighbourhood, DomRömer Quarter, that was completely recreated post-war. 

Matches (at Frankfurt Arena)

  • June 17: Belgium vs Slovakia
  • June 20: Denmark vs England
  • June 23: Switzerland vs Germany
  • June 26: Slovakia vs Romania
  • July 1: Round of 16 – 1F vs 3A/B/C

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Old town square romerberg with Justitia statue in Frankfurt, Germany.
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This city is also known as ‘the city of a thousand fires’, which stems from the blast furnaces which once characterised the area. Now, it’s most famous for being home to the stadium of FC Schalke 04, which is one of Germany’s most successful football clubs.

Matches (at Arena AufSchalke)

  • June 16: Serbia vs England 
  • June 20: Spain vs Italy
  • June 26: Georgia vs Portugal 
  • June 30: Round of 16 – 1C vs 3D/E/F


Though it’s dotted with gorgeous nineteenth-century architecture, Germany’s second city is a place of innovation, demonstrated through its cultural institutions and vibrant food scene. Being a harbour city, it makes creative use of its riverside areas – Speicherstadt, Hamburg’s warehouse district, and Reeperbahn, the vibrant nightlife spot, are two areas definitely worth an explore. 

Matches (at Volksparkstadion Hamburg)

  • June 16: Poland vs Netherlands
  • June 19: Croatia vs Albania
  • June 22: Georgia vs Czechia
  • June 26: Czechia vs Türkiye
  • July 5: Quarter-final

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Germany’s cities are all jam-packed with culture, but none can brag such a strong association with music as Leipzig. It was the birthplace of none other than world-famous composer and theatre director Richard Wagner and was also a place where renowned musicians such as Bach, Bartholdy, the Schumanns and Mahler famously worked. 

Matches (at Leipzig Stadium)

  • June 18: Portugal vs Czechia
  • June 21 Netherlands vs France 
  • June 24: Croatia vs Italy
  • July 2: Round of 16 – 1D vs 2F


Whether you’re here for Oktoberfest, the Christmas markets or just a pint in the sun, Munich is perhaps the German city most synonymous with beer – and that is saying something. Check out this selection of our favourite places to try local and international beers – there’s even a pub where you can get beer with your breakfast. 

Matches (at Munich Football Arena)

  • June 14: Germany vs Scotland
  • June 17: Romania vs Ukraine 
  • June 20: Slovenia vs Serbia
  • June 25: Denmark vs Serbia 
  • July 2: Round of 16 – 1E vs 3A/B/C/D
  • July 9: Semi-final 

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Munich, Germany
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Stuttgart is known as the ‘cradle of the automobile’, and is home to pretty much any famous German car brand you can think of. But for the non-petrol heads, don’t worry – Stuttgart has a gorgeous old town and it’s surrounded by some lovely wineries which would make a great break from the bustle of the city. 

Matches (at Stuttgart Arena)

  • June 16: Slovenia vs Denmark
  • June 19: Germany vs Hungary
  • June 23: Scotland vs Hungary 
  • June 26: Ukraine vs Belgium
  • July 5: Quarter-final

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