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You could be paid £50,000 to move to a dreamy Scottish island

The Scottish government’s National Islands Plan aims to reinvigorate the country’s most distant corners

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Fancy leaving your current day-to-day behind for a much chiller way of life? Well, get this: not only could you move to one of Scotland’s most beautiful, remote islands, but you could also be paid to do so. No, you’re not dreaming... the Scottish government is offering people £50,000 ($62,500) to move to an island of their choosing.

The money comes in the form of a bond, with the idea being that people will use that £50,000 to buy homes, start businesses and generally provide a boost to island communities. The ‘golden hellos’, as they’re being called, are expected to be awarded to 100 people by 2026.

So which islands can you live on? Well, that hasn’t actually been specified, so you can likely assume that any underpopulated, somewhat remote Scottish isle is up for grabs. From the Hebrides to Orkney, all you’ll need to get the money is to be young (ideally with a family) and to properly justify your reasons for moving to the island.

While you might think that the scheme is, from the sounds of it, an all-round good thing, there have been critics. Some have argued that the Scottish government should instead be spending the money on things like improving transportation and broadband connectivity, thereby making remote islands more attractive to live on.

In any case, the bonds will start being handed out in the summer. You can find out more here.

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