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Zoos are live-streaming their feeding times – here’s when to tune in

Huw Oliver
Written by
Huw Oliver

You’re WFH and have a towering backlog of emails you want to ignore. Fancy watching some cute animals swallowing bucketfuls of red meat and fish?

With zoos and aquariums closing their doors throughout the world, many are streaming live webcams of their most popular attractions instead. And now, some wildlife parks are even hosting literal live feeds: the regular meal times that would usually see punters crowding around enclosures in perplexed awe at animals stuffing their faces. It’s entertainment in its purest form, and almost as good on-screen as it is in the flesh.

From Irish penguins to American porcupines, here are some regular feedings you can catch at zoos and aquariums around the world.

Giraffes at Maryland Zoo

Your standard giraffe eats around 30kg of food a day – that’s a helluva lot of leaves. Catch this protracted three-hour feeding sesh in Baltimore to see what we mean.

3pm-6pm GMT, 11am-2pm ET

Penguins at Dublin Zoo

If you’re into your seafood, this live-stream of Humboldt penguins eating lunch in Dublin might make you rather peckish. 

2.30pm GMT, 10.30am ET

Hippos, porcupines and more at Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo is live-streaming a different animal at lunchtime every day. So far, we’ve witnessed some pretty ghastly chomping in the hippo enclosure, and an adorable porcupine, whose chewing style was significantly cuter.

7pm GMT, 3pm EST

Crocodiles, sharks and more at Sea Life Melbourne

Sea Life Melbourne isn’t streaming feedings at a specific time each day, but follow the aquarium’s Facebook page and you can catch real-time streams of rays, sharks and saltwater crocodiles enjoying their dinner.

Various times

Birds, birds and more birds around the world

If you simply want to ogle some photogenic feathery things grabbing a quick bite, no matter the time of day, here are some live bird-feeder cams from across the USA and Europe.

Pretty much any time

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