The 50 sexiest songs ever made

These sexy songs will take you by the hand, whisper sweet nothings in your ear and lead you straight to the bedroom

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Music may very well be the food of love, but it’s also—more deliciously—the food of loving. Because we know our readers have an appetite like no other, we present to you the connoisseur’s playlist of the sexiest songs. Whether you’re heading back from a night out at one of the most romantic bars in NYC or thinking about hitting up one of the city’s best hookup bars, these tunes will set the mood with silky R&B love songs and floor-shaking best house music jams. To be clear: These aren’t necessarily songs about the act of love (though many of them are pretty detailed). Rather, they’re songs to do it to. The best party songs for a party of two.

Best sex songs

“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak

“Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak

Ear porn. Actually, the video for "Wicked Game" is visually titillating too, featuring Isaak romping on the beach with topless supermodel Helena Christensen—but sonically, this 1990 hit exudes lust from hypnotic start to finish. With its velvety guitar melody, silky coolness and sensual, oh-so-soft vocals, no other song about doomed love has fueled more steamy sexxions. And that dreamy last line? Congratulations, Mr. Isaak: "Wicked Game" is a winner.—Marley Lynch

Sexiest lyric: “What a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you”

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“Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” by D’Angelo

“Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” by D’Angelo

Coupled with soul man D’Angelo’s extraordinary songwriting chops and an exquisitely chiseled body, the video for “Untitled” is almost too much to watch; the singer is naked as far as the eye can see, and he licks his lips as he sings the song’s refrain (he was thinking of his grandma’s home cooking, he maintains). Besides winning sexiest video on this list, the song also is a contender for most delicious, unbearable musical climax. Press play, and you’ll see what we mean.—Sophie Harris

Sexiest lyric: “I'd love to make you wet”

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“No Diggity” by Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre

“No Diggity” by Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre

A song so powerful it inspired a new come-on in the R&B world, this smooth Bill Withers–sampling ‘90s classic kicks off with Dr. Dre's self-assured “It’s going down” over a throaty “mmhmm” hook. Story goes, the veteran West Coast rapper is obsessed with his New York shortie—he can’t stop fantasizing about her, until he has to hop on a plane back to her “to bag it up.” Mmhmm.—Marley Lynch

Sexiest lyric: “You're blowing my mind, maybe in time / Baby, I can get you in my ride”

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“Need You Tonight” by INXS

“Need You Tonight” by INXS

Crowds screamed for INXS front man Michael Hutchence, who was associated with a bevvy of famous beauties in his 1980s heyday. Hutchence’s allure is in the way he sings—100 percent—like he means it. On the Aussie rocker’s finest moment, “Need You Tonight,” he begins the song sighing, “All we’ve got is this moment,” as if the world really is about to end. And then: “There’s something about you girl, that makes me sweat.“ Ladies, take a deep breath.—Sophie Harris

Sexiest lyric: “There's something about you girl / That makes me sweat”

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“I'm on Fire” by Bruce Springsteen

“I'm on Fire” by Bruce Springsteen

For this 1985 slow-burner, the Boss stops working on his hot rod long enough to pine after a married lady (or, as the video suggests, maybe it's her car he's really into). Here we have Bruce at the peak of his blue-collar pre-middle-age sex appeal, all grease-covered hands and sweaty brow trying to get a look under the hood. Cougars of New Jersey, look alive.—Andrew Frisicano

Sexiest lyric: “Only you can cool my desire”

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“Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan

“Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan

By the mid-aughts, ol' Bobby Zimmerman was calling out his crushes (including future "Empire State of Mind" songbird Alicia Keys) by name; back in ’69, though, he still favored cozy anonymity. "Lay Lady Lay" ranks as one of the most languid come-ons of all time—"Stay, lady, stay / Stay with your man a while"—but it works, thanks to Dylan's uncharacteristically supple croon, Kenny Buttrey's clip-clop percussion and Pete Drake's pedal-steel work, which drips over the arrangement like sinful honey.—Hank Shteamer

Sexiest lyric: “You can have your cake and eat it too”

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“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

From the opening bars, lazy Dylanesque strumming and slide-guitar moans suggest a warm, lazy summer afternoon. Then Hope Sandoval starts singing, her breathy insinuation suggestive and vulnerable at once. The music curls and stretches, and all you can think about is merging with your object of desire.—Steve Smith

Sexiest lyric: “Fade into you / I think it's strange you never knew”

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“Do You Mind” by the xx

“Do You Mind” by the xx

Lifted from the xx's debut EP, Islands (2009), "Do You Mind" finds the chic Brit indie trio in stunningly sensual form. Originally a bubblegum dance track by Crazy Cousinz featuring Kyla, the tune gets the xx treatment—and then some. With Jamie Smith's slow, pounding beats and Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim's winding guitar riffs and smoky voices, part of the charm of "Do You Mind" is how polite its lyrics sound, given the fluid ease of the song. To answer that question, we don't mind…at all.—Rachel Sonis

Sexiest lyric: “Baby, would you like / to spend the night”

“French Kiss” by Lil Louis

“French Kiss” by Lil Louis

Produced by Chicago house icon Lil Louis in 1989, “French Kiss” was hardly the first song to blend orgasmic female moaning and dance beats—but the track was probably the first to do so over stark, rat-a-tat drum-machine rhythms and acidic synths, resulting in something more akin to a backroom bang session than a romantic tryst in a four-poster bed. The payoff: About halfway through, the tempo slows to a lascivious crawl and stops dead in its tracks before slowly regaining its composure in a succinct aural imitation of la petite mort.—Bruce Tantum

Sexiest lyric: “[Orgasmic moaning]”

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“Sexy MF” by Prince

“Sexy MF” by Prince

Prince's credentials as the King of Hump were a thing of public record long before he uncorked this sultry scorcher of a track in 1992. The lyrics and delivery epitomize Prince's libidinous swagger, and the rapped vocals are among his least embarrassing hip-hop attempts; best of all is a killer groove that assures you Prince can keep it up all night long.—Steve Smith

Sexiest lyric: “Tell me what cha eat, I might cook for you”

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mr nice g

I just discovered a new song - Guitaka - Another glass of wine. Sounds very sexy to me

Casper X


Das A

A little known sexy song - when you are feeling a little more aggressive/frisky - Danko Jones - Lovercall.  Trust me.  Plus it is Canadian, and they know what they're talking about. Lots of time to snuggle when it is -40

Duante A

lots of hits and misses on this list

The best & biggest sex tunes/fuck songs playlist i've found on Youtube is this:

it's got a little of everything - r&b slow jams, hip-hop cut songs, freaky dancehall & even some art of noise and john mayer sprinkled in

Jennifer C

This is a list for boring old people. Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches.

Joe F

What you've done here is mistaken songs about sex with the 'sexiest' songs.  Gave up at 'Relax', a song that has many notable attributes but being 'sexy' is not one of them. Fail.

Madison M

Why don't we do it in the road is by the Beatles.... I would know I'm the biggest beatlemaniac on this planet

Canday M

What about some Jill scott- so gone and some janet jackson- that's the way love goes

Liv m

Umm did I miss it or is "Nobody" by Keith Sweat really not on this list...? Are you kidding me??

Craig K

There are some solid choices, but any list that doesn't include Glory Box by Portishead is invalid.

Anthony H

SoMo Ride- hands down the best song ever

sandra p

Are you kidding me? Have you ever heard Paula Cole's 'Feelin Love' that's raw and raunchy.

Lombardo R

This list SUCKS! I mean, how is it damn possible to make up a 50 Best Sex Songs list and not include Herb Alpert's "Making Love In The Rain"? And where's Art Of Noise "Moments In Love"? And how do you dare leave out Janet Jackson's "70's Love Groove" and Ready For The World's "Love You Down"? Quite questionable, indeed :/

Jen P

@Lombardo R 

Lombardo R I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! First off I totally agree, however, thanks to you I now know the name of one of my all time favorite "sexy" songs e.i. Art of Noise - Moments in Love. I wanted to create a new playlist for a romantic eve with the bf and that song which of known and loved for years just completely left my brain. I heard the song and chorus but just couldn't rememer who did the song or the name! Thanks to you I now have the PERFECT playlist consisting of the sexiest tracks ever: Sade, B-Tribe, Enigma and thanks to you,  Art of Noise!!! Bless your heart!

Conor O

No Jamie Foxx - Storm ?


Take You Down by Chris Brown should have been in top 5 for sure

and a couple of other songs by the same artist

suze w

Seriously? No Barry White in this list? Not one single mention of the love walrus himself?! Give yourselves a slap round the chops!


You can never go wrong with Jeremih. "Birthday Sex" and "All the Time" by Jeremih should've been on here.


TLC's song "This is how it works" should've been on here, it's practically a sex lesson! smh it is such an underrated song

Bill P

That playlist is spot on.

Love machine

Terrible might as well put the whisper song by little john and get straight to the point....No jeff Buckley "lover, you should've come over"? Garbage list


what a load of tripe!!! i cam here looking to make a playlist for some moody sensual music but instead saw peter gabriels sledgehammer and the faint - worked up so sexual which is more like an aerobics on speed tune. thinking about you frank ocean is wet like soggy cardboard and my bloody valentine sounds like when you took the centre out of a record on a turntable and it played all wonky. my missus would say whats this rubbish turn it off its putting me off!! failed dismally.


electric feel mgmt should be on this list


Terrible list. Have you ever really made love to a woman. The Weeknd's "the Zone" should be here.


ridiculous that Justify My Love wasn't in the top 5!! and where the F was Wonderland by John Mayer? Jesus.


Mariah Carey touch my body (Cyril Hahn remix) is by FAR the sexiest song you could play. I dare anyone to listen to that and disagree.


i touch myself s a good song but not one to have sex to, i like lets get it on


I really think that Paradise Circus by Massive Attack should be somewhere in there, since it is by far the sexiest song I've heard. You can tell by the hidden messages in the lyrics as well as the hypnotizing voice but also from the unbearably hot rhythm. (By the way the Zeds Remix adds a little bit spark to the piece that if i might say does the song justice ;P )


Interesting list. Not sure "I Touch Myself" is a song to 'do it to' though. I hear you on Frank Ocean, but Touch Myself just reminds me of silly school dances and immature girls.