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Interview: Oozing Wound

Chicago's trash-thrash warrior trio draws a bead on New York City with a new album and two local shows

Photograph: Joe Martinez Jr.
Oozing Wound

With its “Get High. Fuck. Destroy!” credo and songs like “Everybody We Hate Should Be Killed,” Oozing Wound metes out crude wordage with its primal metal. As the Chicago trio hits NYC behind its Thrill Jockey debut, Retrash, frontman Zack Weil draws a bead on the local scene, including one song prompted by a ridiculous encounter back home.

What inspired “New York Bands”?
It was something I was thinking about, which was the bands from the early ’90s who had all moved to Seattle, the bands from the ’80s who moved to L.A. and then in the early 2000s, all the bands moving to New York. It’s just the idea of trying to capitalize on something that has nothing to do with you, and then moving somewhere to try to be a part of whatever. It’s a weird distinction to make: Bands from New York are cool; New York bands suck.

What does Retrash mean?
[Laughs] It was an insult that somebody lobbed at us. They said we sucked, we’re not even good enough to be a thrash band for a trash band and a warmed over rehash of it. So we thought that was a really great name for us. 

Is “Everybody I Hate Should Be Killed” based on personal experience?
Oh, that day I remember exactly. I was biking home from work and I got cut off like three, four times, which is pretty standard. But every time someone almost kills you, I feel you get that urge to…wanna kill everybody. [Laughs] It’s also when the elections were happening. I was watching the debates and hating on Mitt Romney and everything else—it all just melded together. I also thought it was a really funny phrase. I was pulling together like ten different working titles. And that was the best combination of words we thought up, and that summed it up. 

The song titles are pretty funny. Do you come up with those and write the lyrics?
Originally, the song titles was just stuff I was coming up with but Kevin [Cribbin] and Kyle [Reynolds] come up with really amazing stuff at practice sometimes. I just keep a list. I played some riffs for Kevin once, and he was like, “Yeah! Welcome to the spaceship, motherfucker.” Well, there’s a song title right there.  

Can you give us a sneak preview on some stuff in the works?
Yeah, we got some new jams. Let’s see, we got “Going Through The Motions ’til We Die,” I thought that was pretty funny. “Bury Me With My Money,” “Hippie Speedball” and “’Genuine Creeper,” those are the four new ones. 

There’s your next album.
We’re working on it. We want to have Retrash II done as fast as possible. We figure we should capitalize on all of this.  

Two new records in one year.   
Exactly. We want to do it Black Sabbath style. But we probably can’t now, because 2013 is almost over. 

Oozing Wound plays Death by Audio Wed 30 and Secret Project Robot Sun 3.