Adrien Missika : Amexica

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Exposition Adrien Missika
© Adrien Missika Adrien Missika, 'Amexica', 2014

Adrien Missika's idea is as simple as it is effective. In order to explore the Mexico-US border, he chose to cross it – at least symbolically. With the help of a small remote controlled drone, the Swiss artist 'crossed' the frontier from Ciudad Juarez to Tijuana 11 times. From the footage he has created a series of short films which, taken all together, give an impression of these arid mountains, scorched deserts, and cities absurdly divided in two.

Dramatised by a few notes on the synthesiser (and notable for the magnificent aerial images), the video 'As the Coyote Flies', for example, brings the difficulties faced by would-be immigrants to life, while the use of a drone is a nod to the legal wrangles and dangers of the drug trade. At one point, the drone crashes accidentally – a chilling reminder of the thousands of migrants who never make it.

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