Le printemps de la Renaissance : la sculpture et les arts à Florence, 1400-1460

Art, Sculpture
Exposition Le printemps de la Renaissance au Louvre - Donatello
/ © Musée du Louvre, Dist. RMN-GP / Philippe Fuzeau Donatello, 'Putto ailé de la cantoria de Santa Maria del Fiore', 1439

The ‘springtime of the Renaissance’ is the story of a watershed moment in the history of art. In republican Florence at the beginning of the 15th century, there was an artistic verve of unprecedented impact and audacity. Constructed around sculptures by Donatello, this exhibition attempts to show the extraordinary cultural effervescence of a city whose name remains today tightly connected to the Quattrocento.

From this creativity flowed codes, styles and above all a conception of art that would influence the whole world. From the beginnings of mathematical perspective to the appearance of new themes and new approaches (busts, equestrian monuments etc.), the Florence of Donatello was a bubbling centre of innovation, symbolised by the sculptures of Ghiberti and Michelozzo, paintings by Brunelleschi, pottery by Della Robia. Many more masterpieces are brought together at the Louvre to tell the story of this transitional period in the history of art.

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