Leandro Erlich

Art, Installation
3 out of 5 stars
In Perceptions au 104 / Centquatre
© Tania Brimson / Time Out

Blame Jackass, but all children (and most adults) crave a photo of themselves tumbling off a slate roof, hanging out of a window or falling backwards head first from a drainpipe. Now this enormous optical illusion by Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich allows all of the action shots without the accompanying hospital visits.

Lying horizontally on the ground and reflected by a gigantic mirror, the ‘Bâtiment’ with its mock Haussmann facade provides an exhilarating experience, as much fun for adults as for children. Originally created for Nuit Blanche 2004 and now reproduced at rue d’Aubervilliers, the interactive and playful work draws in vertigo hunters on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. For a mere €2 you can be amazed, challenge your perception of reality and defy the laws of gravity. One word of advice though: don’t forget your camera, many a new profile picture awaits…


Event website: http://www.104.fr
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