Michel Blazy, 'Débordement domestique'

4 out of 5 stars
Exposition Michel Blazy
/ Courtesy galerie Art:Concept, Paris Vue de l'exposition

At 6 o’clock every evening, beer bottles explode in a fountain of foam. Walls are hung not with paintings but with pizzas, lasagne oozes expansively from the floor in long cheesy metres and on a video screen ants munch contentedly on something unidentifiable. Welcome to the whimsical, visceral world of Michel Blazy, where food ceases to be merely fuel but is, rather, something inventive, tactile and alive. Blazy has spent more than 20 years turning his audiences’ expectations on their heads – and while his pieces might themselves be artificial, they also invite viewers to reconceptualise their ideas of mass consumption, materiality and all the ugliness of the post-industrial age. Forget refrigeration, cling film and cellophane – this food for thought is gloriously sticky, colourful and surprising. It’s also just a first taste of Blazy in Paris this year, as he has another show starting at the Collège des Bernadins in May that runs through until July.

By: Ellen Hardy


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