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3 out of 5 stars
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P38 gallery’s inaugural exhibition is a collection of original and reformatted graffiti works from SAEIO.

Opened in November 2015 by the same team of bookish artists and trendy publishers behind the Paris Print Club atelier, the P38 gallery near Château Rouge aims to promote the value of arts and crafts in today’s technology-obsessed society. For the inaugural show, they’ve invited French graffiti artist SAEIO and his Nolens/Volens exhibition to the irregularly shaped, almost labyrinthine gallery space. Comprising ten or so framed paintings and rectangular reproductions of some of his larger wall works, it’s nothing like your conventional graffiti, lavished across entire outdoor walls, and some visitors may find this a little disorienting. Still, SAEIO’s paintings burst with bright blocks of colour and are infused with a familiar sense of urgency and adrenaline – clearly inspired by the artist’s work out on the street.


By: Elise Boutié


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