Robert Delaunay : Rythmes sans fin

Art, Drawing and illustration
Exposition Robert Delaunay au Centre Pompidou
© Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Dist. RMN / Photo : Jacqueline Hyde Robert Delaunay, 'Rythmes', 1934

In life, they were inextricably tied; today, 73 years after one's death and 35 after the other's, the Delaunays still come as a pair. As the Musée d'Art Moderne looks back over the career of Sonia (1885-1979), the Centre Pompidou is taking the opportunity to exhibit some 80 oeuvres by Robert (1885-1941) – most of them drawn from its collection. Colourful circles are the order of the day here, demonstrating Mr Delaunay's full engagement with the abstract modernism of the interwar years.

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