Sous influences

2 out of 5 stars
'Sous influences' à la Maison Rouge
Courtesy de l’artiste Bryan Lewis Saunders, 'Portrait sous drogue (G13 Marijuana)', 2010-2011

Psychotropic drugs and artistic creation have shadowed each other since the dawn of time, but it’s rare that there’s the opportunity to openly explore the relationship between hallucinations and visual culture. The Fondation Antoine de Galbert opens the discussion in February, bringing together rafts of modern and contemporary art – Adel Abdessemed, Jean Cocteau, Antonin Artaud, Nan Goldin, Claude Lévêque, and many more. Sober or high, clean or junkies, it doesn’t really matter: each of the artists has seen, imagined or invoked pink elephants at one time or another, be they exploring the way in which the experience or art can imitate a form of ‘trip’ or be they using drugs as a drive to creativity, allowing them to trip across fertile mental landscapes. From Charles Baudelaire to Hans Bellmer and from Francis Picabia to Jean-Michel Basquiat, the exhibition, without pretending to be exhaustive, manages to explore a multitude of different historical periods and genres in order to lay bare this acid-strewn terrain. Between '70s psychedelic posters and Bruno Botella’s sculptures made out of intoxicating modeling clay, be prepared for a hefty dose of otherworldly art.

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 11am-7pm, Thu until 9pm

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