Tania Mouraud: AD NAUSEAM

Art, Film and video
Exposition Tania Mouraud au MAC/VAL

Thirty-five metres wide and seven metres high, Tania Mouraud's three-part video installation at the MAC/VAL would impress with scale alone (it certainly beats 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' in 3D). Mouraud paints a picture of humans destroying their own history by filming books being pulped in a recycling plant; the incessant sight of machinery and sound of industrial noise heighten the horror of the situation.

The cultural amnesia of our selfish society is a perennial concern of Mouraud's. Visitors to the exhibition won't fail to notice the inscription splashed in giant capitals by the museum's entrance, which translates as 'Those who fail to remember the past are bound to repeat it.' As an accompaniment to the work, Mouraud has run riot across Paris, pasting posters bearing cryptic slogans in spots that would normally carry commercial adverts. Their effect is to disconcert you, to draw your attention to the ubiquity of consumerist imagery by displacing it.

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