Vivien Roubaud

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Vivien Roubaud
© Vivien Roubaud

In this affecting exhibition, Vivien Roubaud creates magic from salvaged junk and machine parts.

In a new installation series at the In Situ gallery, Vivien Roubaud salvages machine parts – corroded airplane propellers, rusty air conditioners and ruined circuitry – and repurposes them for her art, creating dreamlike, industrial visions. Walls are festooned with dangling cables and cords like splayed entrails; a suspended band saw performing a kind of jerky ballet over an old mattress, slowly shredding it; half-spent firecrackers preserved in a gel capsules. These strangely morbid scenes are presented without commentary, and yet they are startlingly evocative. Of exactly what, it’s difficult to say – but you’d hard pressed not to feel something.


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