Hans was Heiri


Roll up, roll up, multidisciplinary Swiss circus duo, Martin Zimmermann and Dimitri de Perrot, are coming to the Théâtre de la Ville with a new show, 'Hans was Heiri' - meaning John was Henry; or six of one and half a dozen of the other. Joined by five other performers, the spectacle promises a wild mix of dance, music, acrobatics and clownery, as the troupe explores the theme of ‘resemblance’ - what makes people look alike? And what makes them different?

Whilst anchored in traditional circus arts, Zimmerman & de Perrot’s performances are wholly contemporary and frequently absurd: de Perrot is a DJ and composer, and often splices the decks live during the show; while Zimmerman’s humourous choreographies combine modern dance with gymnastics.  

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