© Jokuti Kicsi

It’s entirely possible that you won’t enjoy this show. It’s disturbing and even irritating, or worse – all hallmarks of the peculiar charm of Pál Frenák, a Hungarian choreographer who has been living in France since the end of the 1980s. Characterised by tough perspectives, deafening soundtracks and uncompromising choreography, for ‘K.Rush’ the scene is set with a white Cadillac installed in front of a large cinema screen. On the screen, a ribbon of tarmac road uncoils endlessly: an invitation to travel, and a host of cinematic references, from ‘Thelma and Louise’ to Tarantino. In this cruise ship with wheels, three women and two men jostle feverishly, winding around each other, chasing and searching each other in a game/dance that is often erotic, sometimes violent. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover Frenák’s controversial work.

Event website: http://www.cnd.fr/
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