Poetry / Maud Le Pladec

Dance, Contemporary and experimental
4 out of 5 stars
© Caroline Ablain

How does music influence movement? Which comes first, the gesture or the sound? How do notes become dance? These are the questions that run through the work of Maud Le Pladec, a choreographer and dancer who trained with Mathilde Monnier. Her latest work, ‘Poetry’, is a 50-minute choreography based on the musical score for Fausto Romitelli’s ‘Trash TV Transe’. On the stage, a duo of dancers (Maud herself and Julien Gallée Ferré) are accompanied by the guitarist Tom Pauwels. The piece is above all performative, with musical riffs seeming to take over the dancers' bodies, shaking them, guiding them and giving them rhythm… or is it the other way around, and the bodies lead the music? The question remains.

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