Stephan Oliva, Philippe Truffault - Film Noir

Music, Classical and opera
Orange mécanique

From the early days of silent cinema right up to the latest 3D spectacles, cinema has always been inextricably bound in the public imagination to its music: the jarring strings of Hitchcock collaborator Bernard Herrman, the classical opulence of Kubrick’s scores, the brooding jazz favoured by John Huston… This, then, is a concert-long tribute to the music of film noir, brought to you by pianist Stéphan Oliva and video artist Philippe Truffault. The pair have strung together clips from their favorite films of that genre, which they accompany live with an original soundtrack designed to highlight the relationship between image and sound. The roster of featured directors is impressive: Billy Wilder, Orson Welles, Robert Wise, as well as Hitchcock and Kubrick.

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