Biennale internationale des Arts de la Marionnette

Theatre, Puppetry
Biennale internationale des Arts de la Marionnette

The 'International Puppet Festival' reminds us that these mobile dolls aren't just for children, but form an entire creative field of their own. Going far beyond simple entertainment, the Biennale's forum invites visitors to discover puppet shows large and small, inside and in the open air, peopled by puppets or objects or images from elsewhere, with dramatic themes ranging from the tragic to the comic.

The festival's first week is located at the Théatre du Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement before going on tour around France. Standout acts include the American production 'Dogugaeshi' by Basil Twist, a surreal Belgian show using found objects 'La Trilogie des Polinchineurs', and even a Puppet Porno Show.

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