Blond and Blond and Blond

Theatre, Comedy
4 out of 5 stars
Blond and blond
© Emmanuelle Trompille

Blonde as barley and fresh out of the depths of the Swedish countryside, To, Mar and Glar make an odd trio – especially when you consider that their act consists of singing classic French chansons of generations gone by. The siblings' command of the French songbook – they cover everything from Barbara to the contemporary Franco-Martiniquan singer Lord Kossity – is as remarkable as it is incongruous, and in their renditions the songs often acquire an unexpected poignancy, partly due to their accents and partly because they change the odd lyric to reflect changes in society. The mood is leavened by some hilarious inter-song sketches, in which the performers (comedians by training) deploy their goofy humour to uproarious effect. What you get out of this show will depend on what you know of French popular music (and French), but the sheer good-natured energy of the performances ensure there's something in it for everyone.

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