Circolombia : Urban

4 out of 5 stars
© Mily Calero

If you’re not in the habit of knocking about the suburban Parisian borough of Boulogne, you should know that there’s a lot more going on there than just the Parc des Princes and often unsavoury strolls around the Bois. Take, for example, the island of Seguin, with its ‘Cirque en Chantier’, an ambitious enterprise created by circus mistress Madona Bouglione. This spit of formerly industrial land between Meudon and Boulogne is the site of multiple rehabilitation projects, not the least of which is its second life as a haven for dance troupes from all over the world. So it’s a natural choice for the Circolombia company, which fought its way up from the streets of Cali in Colombia, where the group’s alma mater, the national music school Circo Para Todos, offers disadvantaged youth the possibility of a future in the arts.