L'Art de la fugue

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L'Art de la fugue
© Maxime Cos

'The Art of Fugue' is a musical score by Bach, regarded as an unfinished masterpiece – here, inspired circus master and skilled dancer Yoann Bourgeois has used it as a base to develop a subtle blend of circus, dance, classical music and philosophy.

A grand piano shares the stage space with a huge wooden cube: static shapes enlivened by an acrobatic pair of dancers. Some of the floorboards collapse, a plank of wood slides away to reveal a trampoline, and bodies speak through their movements.

Ethereal and precise, 'The Art of Fugue' is striking in its perfection, and the voice of Gaston Bachelard accompanying the echoing piano notes is even more magnetic. This is a fitting tribute to the German composer and a declaration of love for the art of acrobatic choreography. A stunning show, touched by grace.

Event website: http://www.104.fr/
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