Les Chiens de Navarre : Nous avons les machines

Les Chiens de Navarre
(c) Les Chiens de Navarre Les Chiens de Navarre

If your French is up to scratch and you’re in the mood for something wholly novel, head to the Théâtre de Gennevilliers to see avant-gardist theatre company Les Chiens de Navarre perform their latest opus ‘Nous avons les machines’. The troupe’s last play ‘La Raclette’ was a hit, with many critics hailing the company as pioneers of “nouvelle-vague French theatre”.  Quite what ‘Nous avons les machines’ is about remains to be seen: there’s an intentional air of mystery about it all, with the troupe stating only that their play will explore the ‘madness of life’. But if it’s anything like their previous productions, you should expect a wild succession of wonderfully acted (often improvised) and poetic scenes expressing joy, emptiness and melancholy.  

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