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Pari Roller

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Pari Roller

Friday nights in Paris don’t have to be about sinking your liver in red wine and steak-frites, and inhaling ciggie smoke on some café terrace.  You could be healthy and join hundreds of rollerblade fanatics on a 3-hour ride around Paris-by-Night.

Pari-Roller is open to all, as long as you’ve got the stamina for 3-hours, know how to break and change direction.  Just arrive with your blades at 10pm on the dot at place Raoul Dautry in front of the Tour Montparnasse, and the city – or at least a 27km-long trail of it – is all yours for the evening.  The routes change regularly, but whether you roll along the Seine’s quays, up the Champs Elysées or past Parc Montsouris, you’re in for some magical sightseeing, espeically as the roads get closed off to traffic - the ultimate revenge against Paris’s ubiquitous aggressive driver.

Pari-Roller is cancelled in wet weather.


Venue name: Pari Roller
Address: Place Raoul Dautry

Opening hours: Fri 10pm
Price: Free
Static map showing venue location