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Beaujolais Nouveau 2016

Where to find the new young wine in Paris on Thursday November 20 2016

Vendanges du Domaine Fellot © Serge Sang

When? November 20 2016
What? A nationwide festival celebrating two-month-old Beaujolais Nouveau red wine.
Where? In bars around Paris

Every year on the third Thursday of November, the young red vin de primeur Beaujolais nouveau is released on to the market in a frenzy of promotion, buying and drinking. Just 6-8 weeks old, the wine is intended for immediate consumption.

Not everyone in Paris is a fan. In fact, the light, fruity wine is as divisive in France as football or politics. But what’s certain is that the night of Thursday November 20 2016 will be given over, in many places, to committed (and raucous) testing of this year’s vintage – and Time Out Paris will show you where to partake.

Where to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau in Paris

Le Baron Rouge


Slake your thirst for good wine with quality local vintages in a blue-collar bar with no time for pretentious oenophiles. 

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Eastern Paris

La Cave de l’Insolite


Quirky to say the least, expect a New Orleans-inspired menu, flowing red wine and plenty of music. Reservations advised.

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11th arrondissement

La Cave des Papilles


Head to this yellow-fronted gem from 6-9.30pm to sample charcuterie and local cheeses with plenty of Beaujolais Nouveau. 

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14th arrondissement

Le Garde Robe


Order a massive plate of lentils and grilled saucissons or a superior cheese board to go with a few glasses of Beaujolais Nouveau.


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Les Halles

Looking to broaden your wine horizons?


Jay S
Jay S

Wow, this article made us totally miss Beaujolais night.  I might never listen to Time Out Paris again!  Ended up choosing the Marche des Enfants Rouges based on the "atmosphere of a french village".  There was no "atmosphere" it was exactly the same as the day market, except that it was almost all CLOSED.  There was ONE stall open, NO real food, ONE old accordion player and about TEN other clueless people total.  Such a depressing mess, no street party nothing.  And this article doesn't even mention the real party at Aux Tonneau des Halles Paris, which was still going strong with live jazz and tonsa people at midnight...

Thanks Time Out for publicizing the worst places to go.