Film, Documentaries

F.A.M.E (Film And Music Experience) is an eclectic film festival held at renowned digital cultural centre La Gaîté Lyrique. The selection of long and short films focuses on interactivity between the visual image and music in their broadest terms, covering topics ranging from underground pop culture to esoteric tribal music. Fiction, documentary and films are all thrown into the mix, making for a colourful and original collection that you won't find anywhere else.

Events (in French) include debates and discussions around current cinematic production and distribution methods, from crowd-funding to on-demand streaming providers. There's also a hotly anticipated live music night on Thursday 12 and club night on Friday 13. Find out more on the Gaîté Lyrique website



Event phone: 01 53 01 52 00
Event website: http://gaite-lyrique.net/en
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