Jeudis du Doc

Viseur Festival presents a selection of brilliant contemporary Mexican documentaries, every last Thursday of the month
Puebla, Sinfonía Inaudible (by Juan Manuel Barreda Ruiz)
by Juan Manuel Barreda Ruiz
Espantapájaros (by Ricardo del Conde de la Cerda)
by Ricardo del Conde de la Cerda
Intimidades de Shakespeare (by Yulene Olaizola)
by Yulene Olaizola
Mi amiga Bety (by Diana Garay)
by Diana Garay
By Catherine Bennett

Like documentaries? Then this festival is for you - even if it does have a rather niche premise. Every last Thursday of the month at Cinéma Action Christine, Viseur film festival puts on a screening of a contemporary Mexican documentary for seven months of the year. The first two films exemplified the range of subject matter and talent coming out of Mexico - 'Puebla, Sinfonía Inaudible' and 'Mi amiga Bety' dealt with, respectively, the heritage, traditions and rhythm of society in Mexico's bustling city Puebla, and the differing fates of two childhood friends. A selective programme of films that are in turn moving, entertaining, funny and hard-hitting. It hasn't even finished yet, and already we're looking forward to next year.

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