L'Etrange Festival (18th edition)

'Maniac' - Frank Khalfoun
'Maniac' de Frank Khalfoun

With l’Etrange Festival, the Forum des Images offers a programme devoted to underground cinema and B movies, and includes two stunning carte blanches: Kenneth Anger, one of the princes of 60s New York underground cinema (whose work will also be on display at the Galerie du Jour from the 13th of September), and Jan Kounen, the shamanistic filmmaker behind ‘Vibroboy’ (1994) and the hallucinatory ‘Blueberry’ (2004, with Vincent Cassel).

As well as these two, l‘Etrange Festival highlights audacious contemporary directors such as the documentary-maker Ron Fricke or the Brighton-based Ben Wheatley (of the recent success ‘Kill List’). We’re also looking forward to the shorts competition, which includes the very promising ‘La Nuit Zombie’, a celebration of everyone’s favourite undead.

For all enthusiasts of the troubling, the passionate or the simply loopy, the full programme can be found in English here.

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