Planète Marker

Chris Marker

‘Planète Marker’ is the Pompidou's well-timed homage to the formidable filmmaker Chris Marker, who died last year. Marker was above all things a wonderful inventor of forms: be it the audacious photographic narration of ‘La Jetée’, his portraits of Kurosawa (‘A.K’), Tarkovski (‘Une Journée d’Andreï Arsenevitch’) and Medvedkine (‘Le Tombeau d’Alexandre’) or his filmed poems like the fabulous ‘Sans Soleil’. Engaged and independent, Chris Marker was also a thinker: on society, on man, on cinema. This show collects his multiple works together for the first time (films, installations, videos, photos), and the Centre Pompidou will also bring in contemporary artists to have their own dialogue with Marker’s works. More than a simple homage, this is an immersion into Marker's cinematic universe – one of the medium's most inventive, independent and authentic. 

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