Flying Cow

Dance, Contemporary and experimental
Flying cow
© deStilte

An imaginative piece from the De Stilte company wonderfully conveys the dynamics of children’s playtime games.

Get 2016 off to a thrilling start by taking the kids to this playful and inventive show at the Théâtre Dunois. Always good on catering to a younger public, the little 13th arrondissement theatre invites Dutch company De Stilte to perform ‘Flying Cow’, a bold piece that represents a trio of children playing games and conjuring up make-believe worlds during break time. A cow, a calf, a pig and a brood of hens are fashioned out of pieces of string and other objects – together, they make up a rather idyllic mini-farm – and smoothly incorporated into marvellous solo, duo and trio set pieces. Expect the characters to spin round and round and collide, form friendships and fall out – because when there’s three, jealousy is never far away. For four years and up.




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