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Drawing on over fifty subject interviews, the DV8 Physical Theatre delicately handles the troubled childhood of ‘John’.

From disability to homosexuality and Radical Islam, the DV8 Physical Theatre (run by Lloyd Newson in the United Kingdom) has always made a point of putting awkward and sensitive topics centre stage. For every one of his shows, Newson uses a thoroughly researched, almost journalistic approach to choreography, making great use of archives and conducting interviews to enrich his performances with real-life details.

For ‘John’ (the first in a three-part series), he’s interviewed around fifty men on the subject of sex and love, intertwining all of their stories into a larger narrative. In it, our hypersensitive protagonist John suffers psychologically and physically from his upbringing in a household with an abusive father and a mother who died from a drug overdose, and since then he’s spent most of his adult life either in prison or rehab. Not one for the faint-hearted, ‘John’ makes for a compelling (if heavy-going) evening out.


By: Elsa Pereira


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