The Roots

Dance, Hip hop
4 out of 5 stars
The Roots
© Joao Garcia

An introspective show from experimental hip-hop choreographer Kader Attou examines what drew him to dance in the first place.

Experimental French hip-hop dancer/choreographer Kader Attou has spent the last twenty years honing an innovative blend of hip hop and traditional Indian kathak, and ‘The Roots’ (not to be confused with the hip hop group of the same name) offers a retrospective look at his memories as a young dancer. With the most basic backdrop (school courtyard, threadbare armchair, record-player), Attou recalls the emotions he experienced when he started out. To bring his memories to life, he uses eleven dancers dressed in suits and performing breakdance, popping, even electric boogaloo. The end product is as introspective as it is absorbing.


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