Séoul Hypnotique

Séoul Hypnotique
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South Korea’s sprawling capital is the theme of this comprehensive film festival at the Forum des Images.

As has become increasingly clear over the past decade or so, South Korea boasts one of the most diverse, exciting, and yet overlooked film scenes in the world. From Park Chan-wook’s bizarre thriller ‘Old Boy’ (2003) to Bong Jooh-ho’s tense monster movie ‘The Host’ (2006), certain directors from the booming East Asian industry have found great acclaim and even commercial success in the West. Here, the Forum des Images draws our attention to various lesser-known names in Korean cinema with a month and a half of special screenings.

Over 80 rare films from the 1950s to the present day will be put on as part of the special ‘Séoul’ series, which features weekend-long events dedicated to the sentimental films of Hong Sang-soo and ‘Night Flight’ director Leesong Hee-il, as well as many in-depth talks and conferences about the gigantic Korean city.

Check out the full programme and ticket prices here.

By: Huw Oliver


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