Secteur X

LGBT Le Marais
3 out of 5 stars
Secteur X

Once a quaint little gay dive bar, Secteur X has transformed into one of Paris’s most hard-core gay cruise clubs – a one-stop shop for all things kinky and naughty. At Friday 'Hard Night' parties, participants are invited to dress in leather, latex, or their birthday suits. And Saturday’s 'Leather and Slave Afternoon' is, as they say, only for the truly motivated. For tight budgets, there’s no cover charge and a generous happy hour until 9pm. The small bar upstairs is just for hellos and a few drinks, but the two lower levels are where the, um, fun takes place. Backrooms and corridors galore are outfitted with protection and lubrication dispensers, so at least things the dirty nefarious deeds are safe and sound. The crowd is a bit older and rougher than Full Metal right across the street, another cruisey fetish club, but it’s surprisingly chill and welcoming for the curious who want to experience what we can call the manliest of Paris’s gay scene.

By: Bryan Pirolli


Venue name: Secteur X
Address: 49 rue des Blancs Manteaux , 4e

Opening hours: Sun-Thur 3pm-4am
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