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International Jazz Day

30 April 2013, Rue des Lombards

 (Gregory Porter)
Gregory Porter
 (Tony Tixier)
Tony Tixier
 (Gautier Garrigue (Tony Tixier Trio))
Gautier Garrigue (Tony Tixier Trio)
 (Pierrick Pédron)
Pierrick Pédron
 (Omer Avital)
Omer Avital
 (Vincent Peirani)
Vincent Peirani

UNESCO's worldwide International Jazz Day is now in its second edition, with a day of concerts in jazz's 'golden triangle' in Paris hosted by renowned clubs Duc des Lombards, Baiser Salé and Sunset-Sunside.

Our selection of showcases:

2pm: Omer Avital & Avishai Cohen at Baiser Salé

2pm: Rémi Panossian Trio at Duc des Lombards

3pm: Looking for Parker (Manu Codjia, Géraldine Laurent, Christophe Marguet) at Sunset

7pm: Etienne M'Bappé at Baiser Salé

8pm: Baptiste Herbin at Sunset

8pm: Omer Klein Solo at Sunside

8pm: Leila Martial at Baiser Salé

9pm: Ray Lema at Sunside

9pm: Gregory Porter at Duc des Lombards

11pm: Pierrick Pédron at Sunset

11pm: Vincent Peirani & Emile Parisien at Sunside

12mid: Tony Tixier Trio at Sunside

1am: Samy Thiébault at Sunside

For more information on talks and round tables (in French): Paris Jazz Club

To sign up for concerts and conferences, click here.

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